Performers Only.

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Winning companies recruit a winning workforce: Performers Only. 

Reimagined for 2015, Resumator keeps both your people and process focused on making transformative hires.

Profile the ideal candidate.

 Make it easy for your recruiting team to spot a Performer when they see one.

Plan the ideal process.

 Structure your entire recruiting process around predicting performance.


Make the ideal hire.

Use past performance to predict future performance and find Performers.


A Performer-Centric approach to modern recruiting software.


Resumator is recruiting software that keeps your recruiting teams focused on sourcing, interviewing and hiring transformative talent: Performers. 

  • Profile the ideal candidate to structure your team, recruiting stages and interviews around.
  • Attract passive candidates through social referrals, a careers website and targeted job posts.
  • Screen out non-Performers fast on your mobile device or desktop and focus on qualified candidates.
  • Conduct better interviews with every candidate and ensure feedback is always actionable.
  • Hire with confidence knowing your decisions are driven by predictions of future performance.

Focus your recruiting efforts on what really matters: Performance.


Winning companies know they need software that not only optimizes the recruiting process, it also helps create a culture of recruiting transformative talent — talent we affectionately call Performers.

Resumator helps recruiting teams more precisely define the performance criteria of any job so everyone is more aligned, confident and productive.

When you know whom you’re looking for, you know when you’re done looking. Resumator makes it easy for you to spot a Performer when you source, screen, interview and ultimately hire one.


Performers: The Winning Workforce

Learn how winning companies excel at recruiting to achieve 350% of the revenue and 200% of the profit margins when compared to underperforming companies.


Trusted by 3,000 companies in every state, industry and 70 countries

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Balanced between ease of use and power features to hire effectively, it provides a great applicant experience.

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I’m sure we would spend 90% of our day sorting through emails and setting up folders if we didn’t have The Resumator.

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Resumator is built to scale with high-performing, winning companies.

200,000+ Candidates hired

45,000+ Open positions

100,000+ Positions filled

10,000,000+ Applicants processed

99%+ Annual uptime

$8 billion+ Capital raised by our customers


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