Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge per user, or can we have unlimited users?

You can have unlimited users on any Resumator plan. Resumator never charges for users because we believe that when you get more feedback from your colleagues, you become better at recruiting and hiring Performers.


How does your pricing compare to other recruiting solutions?

Our pricing is very competitive because we do not charge you based on the number of employees or number of users you wish to have access to your account. 


What makes Resumator different from the other solutions?

Resumator is a complete end-to-end recruiting solution for companies of any size. It's not a ”lightweight solution” — it’s as robust a product as your find. Our customers tell us they chose Resumator over our competition because it's more intuitive and does a better job of engaging hiring managers in the recruiting process.



How long does it take to get up
and running?

Whether you're ditching old recruiting software or moving from a manual mess of email and spreadsheets, say goodbye to long, expensive implementations. In fewer than two days, you and your whole hiring team will be ready to go.


Can I import data from my current ATS?

Yes. Resumator has multiple options for importing data from your current ATS, depending on your needs. We have importers for Jobvite, Taleo, ICIMS, Jobscore and Greenhouse. We cannot guarantee the importing of all your data objects, but we’ll try. We can even import from an Excel spreadsheet.


What if we need more training beyond what’s included in our Plan?

Resumator is so easy and enjoyable to use, most customers need very little assistance. For those who want a personalized approach, our Hire Plus  plan makes sure you have the access you need to our talent specialists.


What options do I have for
customer support?

All Resumator plans include email support, as well as access to our Customer Communities. Enterprise also gives you phone and chat support plus a dedicated account manager.


How would I work with a Talent Scientist?

Our Talent Science team is stocked with recruiting data experts to help you baseline, benchmark and execute recruiting strategies based on data-informed realities of the talent market. You ask the question, and a Talent Scientist tries to find the answer, which could be in the form of an email or even a report. Talent Science is included with the Enterprise plan.


Does Resumator integrate with other
HR tools and services?

Resumator features numerous integrations with other HR tools and services, from sourcing to hiring. Plus, Resumator API makes it easy for your developers to access your data and integrate with any of your systems.



How does Resumator protect our sensitive information?

Your connection to Resumator is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. We perform full hourly backups of customer data. Resumator is part of the AWS cloud infrastructure, which has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards and best-practices including SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70)SOC 2SOC 3 and PCI DSS Level 1.


How easily can I export my data if
I need a copy of it?

A data export can be provided upon request. Please contact our Customer Success team to discuss the options available.


How often do you update your product? What are your release cycles?

Often. In 2014 alone, Resumator released over 30 enhancements to give customers additional capabilities and to keep their user experience the best in the industry. In addition, Resumator has made numerous-behind-the-scenes updates to keep things running smoothly.


Do you have an API? How can our developers leverage our data?

Of course we do. Resumator API provides your technical team access to your Resumator data to support your needs. Our Enterprise plan provides maximum support for API questions and insights into how to leverage your data.