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Transform both HOW and WHO you recruit.

Companies don't perform — people perform. So it goes without saying that a company’s performance is linked to how well it recruits impactful people — we call them Performers. Resumator optimizes your recruiting process and keeps everyone focused on hiring Performers only.

The HOW = Process

Resumator helps everyone in your company adopt best practices for recruiting by empowering your team with intuitive tools that help facilitate each stage of the process. From posting jobs online, to screening resumes and even conducting interviews, Resumator brings welcomed tools and structure to your recruiting process.

The WHO = Performers

Optimizing your recruiting process is one thing; deciding who to hire is a whole different challenge. It’s hard to predict future performance through resumes, phone calls and interviews. Resumator provides a structured framework for profiling an ideal candidate so everyone knows a Performer when he or she sees one. From there, your recruiting stages, interviews and people quickly align around finding the ideal candidate.


Resumator helps you create a winning recruiting culture.

Optimize the end-to-end recruiting experience so everyone focuses on Performers — not process.


Hiring managers lead the way.

Armed with a Performer Profile to spot ideal candidates, they lean in and drive the process.

Coordinators speed things up.

They stop spinning their wheels because available dates and times reveal themselves.

Candidates become impressed.

From a compelling careers site to your cohesive interview team, they want to work for you.


Recruiters feel in control.

They spend less time chasing people down and digging for critical recruiting metrics.

Interviewers share more.

They feel prepared for every interview, and sharing feedback is easy and organized.

Employees make better referrals.

Your Performers Only culture spurs them to recommend more Performers like them.


Organize your end-to-end recruiting efforts around hiring Performers.








1. Planning the Process

When process isn't getting in the way, it can actually help lead the way. Resumator structures your recruiting process around recruiting a Performer.


Plan every stage, interview and task in your recruiting process.


Recruiting is a complicated process, made even more complex when you don't have a clear process in place. Resumator helps you take a hard look at how your recruiting effort should function, then gives you customizable tools to put that plan into action. We create a conversation around the ideal flow, keeping everyone in step, as you build custom workflows for each job that organize the recruiting process from start to finish.

  • Customizable recruiting stages ensure every candidate moves through the same structured process.
  • Build and organize your interviews by stage to ensure each stage and interview has a clear purpose.
  • Automate redundant yet important to-dos such as follow-up emails and task reminders.

Assemble the perfect recruiting team for every job.

Recruiting is a team effort, so you need to make sure you have the right participants involved from the beginning. Resumator encourages you to include anyone key to your decision-making process right from the start, increasing your chances of making the perfect hire.

  • Create unlimited user accounts and organize them into groups and subgroups.
  • Customize recruiting teams from users or groups and rally individuals to focus on what's relevant to them.
  • Set user permissions and privacy levels for each job so team members aren't unnecessarily distracted.
  • Communicate with team members all at once or individually at any time so everyone stays aligned.

Optimize your job title and description to increase inbound applicants.

While some people may refer to themselves as "code ninjas," they’re more likely to search for a job with the title "software engineer." The job title and job description are crucial to attracting the right candidates by dissuading non-Performers from applying.

Jobnosis™ is our statistics-based rating system for improving your job SEO. This rating is calculated using a real-time comparison of this job with thousands of jobs successfully filled using Resumator. Make the suggested improvements to your job and keep it on the right track to getting more traffic and applicants.


2. Sourcing Better Candidates

The quality of your candidate pool determines the quality of your hire. Resumator helps you source a bigger pool of qualified candidates.


Post your jobs quickly to free and paid job boards.

Getting the word out to qualified candidates should be simple. Resumator saves you time and money with centralized sourcing.

  • Promote your job on free job boards, paid job boards and through pay-per-click job advertising.
  • Track all candidate sources back to the originating job boards automatically.
  • Create custom tracking links to track postings on job boards not pre-integrated with Resumator.
  • Quickly run sourcing reports to discover which source delivers the most return on your investment.

Showcase your company with a compelling careers website.

Give Performers a great first impression and make sure your employer brand recruits for you.


More people are replying through their mobile phones than ever before, and Resumator makes sure these candidates get the ideal user experience. Your careers website automatically optimizes for your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Flexible and Customizable

If you can write a little HTML and CSS, you can a build a custom design from scratch right inside our platform. You can even use a custom website domain or leverage our job widgets or jobs API for a fully integrated online experience.


Every careers website automatically tracks the source of candidates who apply, referrals and job forwarding so you know what efforts are delivering quality traffic. You can even integrate your Google Analytics  tracking code to do your own analysis.


Leverage the job networking effects of social media.


With the amount of time people spend on social networks, it makes sense to make sharing your jobs there quickly and easily. Resumator makes it easy to tap into the direct messaging features of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Salesforce Chatter, so anyone can share job referrals from within our software or through your careers website.

  • Share-a-Job Tool allows people to send your job as a direct message on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Facebook Job Board makes it easy to integrate your job listings with your company's Facebook profile.
  • Social Broadcasting posts jobs to your Twitter timeline, Facebook wall, and LinkedIn newsfeed.
  • Social Recruiting Analytics show you your most lucrative social recruiting sources in an instant.

Launch targeted referral programs to attract more Performers.

There’s a very good chance that you or one of your coworkers is friends with a Performer. The same is true for everyone who works at your company. Since we all know referrals are often the best hires, Resumator makes launching and managing a company-wide referral program easy.

  • Invite anyone with an email address to send job referrals your way — not just employees.
  • Personal tracking links ensure referrers get credit for every visit, application and forwarding of the job.
  • Job referral dashboard keeps track of who’s delivering traffic and candidates.



Get notified when candidates apply for your jobs.

Resumator makes it easy for you opt-in and receive notifications when someone applies to a position if you are the hiring manager or a member of the job’s hiring team. From your phone or computer you can quickly jump in and start screening candidates..

  • New Candidate Emails alert you instantly when someone applies for a job.
  • Candidate Digest Email summarizes all the new candidates from the day in one convenient email.

As with all of Resumator's flexible email digests, you can change your notification settings at any time.


3. Screening Out Non-Performers

You’ll never find the “needle in the haystack” if the haystack is burying you. Resumator makes screening applicants fast so most of your time is focused on engaging qualified candidates.


Prequalify applicants using custom questions in the job application.

Performers won’t wait for you to find them in a pile of unqualified applicants, so it’s important that you can filter out the non-Performers quickly. With Resumator, you can customize each job’s application to gather valuable information you can use to quickly screen an applicant in or out.

  • Common screening questions can be added to any job application with the check of a box.
  • Custom questions can be built from scratch and use one of a variety of answer formats.
  • Correct answers to questions can be specified to make screening even faster.
  • Required questions ensure you get answers that are critical to the screening process.

Screen resumes quickly so you spend less time on non-Performers.

Focus more of your time on potential Performers with Quick Screen™

Collaborative Screening

View the applicant’s resume, job application and cover letter in an interface optimized for screening. Team members can vote to advance or reject applicants before they enter your recruiting workflow. 


Quick Screen works great on your mobile device so you can screen resumes while waiting in line at the grocery store, riding on the train after work or sitting at home on your couch. Always be screening!

Automated Emails and Tasks

When you approve or reject candidates using Quick Screen, the tasks and emails you set in your recruiting workflow are still triggered. Sending rejection letters or follow-up emails has never been easier. 


Send clarifying or qualifying follow-up questions to candidates.

If you need more information before inviting a candidate in for an interview, or if you have follow-up questions post-interview, it's easy to get answers using Resumator.

  • Build question templates using a variety of question types and save them for reuse as needed.
  • Correct answers to questions can be specified in order to create online quizzes.
  • Email questionnaires to a candidate and have the answers automatically saved with their profile.
  • Hide your email address from the candidate to maintain your privacy during the process.
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Build complex searches to quickly find potential Performers.

If you ask the right questions, Resumator makes it easy to filter your talent pool down to only those candidates with the right answers. Most important of all, the searches are really fast.

  • Perform a basic search on your entire candidate database, with options to filter by job, hiring status, category and more.
  • Perform an advanced search and build complex search criteria across the entire candidate profile and all completed questionnaires.
  • Save and share search filters so you don’t need to rebuild complex searches over and over again.



4. Interviewing With a Purpose

When your employees are unprepared for interviews, both they and the candidate suffer. Resumator ensures interviewers asks the right questions and share detailed feedback that helps everyone make better decisions.


Be prepared for every interview — no matter where you are.

Interview Guides organize everything you need to conduct effective, consistent interviews.

Interview Preparation

Everything someone needs to conduct an interview is organized in the Interview Guide, including preparation instructions, interview questions and links to the resume and the job description. It's even printer-friendly.

Structured Questions

Each Interview Guide contains all the questions that are important to address in the interview. You can record notes related to each question, and rate the overall strength of the candidate’s response.

Structured Feedback

At the end of the interview, you can pass or fail the candidate, record the date and time for reporting purposes and explain the reasons for your decision. No more chasing down feedback after the interview.


Coordinate interview dates and times with less hassle.


The who, what, when and where of coordinating interviews will drive anyone crazy, which is why Resumator makes it easy to schedule interviews.

  • Full recruiting calendar is built right into Resumator that shows both events and tasks.
  • Sync interviewer calendars (Google or Outlook) to quickly find dates and times that work for everyone.
  • Send calendar invitations to interviewers, complete with a link to the interview guide.
  • Review scheduled interviews for the current recruiting stage from the candidate profile.
  • Send reminders to interviewers as needed.



Track, discuss and move Performers through each recruiting stage.

Resumator brings candidates to life by organizing everything you’ve collected about them under one very intuitive, unified record. On any candidate profile, you're no more than two clicks away from performing any number of important recruiting actions.

  • Stay informed with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate.
  • Discuss the candidate using a comment form, and control who can see what you’ve written.
  • Quickly perform common to-dos such as send emails, assign tasks and categorize the candidate.
  • Browse all feedback from the interviews, evaluations, questionnaires and assessments.
  • Review the complete communication history, including all emails and shared files.
  • Move candidates to any stage in your workflow at any time, including Hired and Not-Hired statuses.
  • Trigger emails and assigning of tasks between stages to automate repetitive recruiting tasks.

Start every day with a clear picture of your recruiting tasks.

Recruiting is not everyone’s full-time job, so staying on top of your daily recruiting to-dos can be difficult. Resumator makes it easy to remember exactly what you need to do in order to play your part in recruiting Performers for your company.

  • Job Dashboard organizes your upcoming interviews, important candidates and incomplete tasks.
  • Watch List organizes important candidates and jobs in a special list accessible on every screen in Resumator.
  • Messages Inbox aggregates any new messages received from the candidate or other team members.
  • Tasks List aggregates all incomplete tasks to a special list accessible on every screen in Resumator.
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Never lose track of your email conversations with candidates.

Performers don't stay in the job market for long, so maintaining constant communication is important. Resumator organizes all the back-and-forth conversation between you and the candidate so everyone knows who said what, and when.

  • Browse all correspondence with the candidate just as you would any normal inbox.
  • Use built-in email client or your own email client — in either case messages still save to Resumator.
  • Sender privacy option gives you the choice to reply with either your name or the company name.
  • Speed up your response times by saving templates with placeholder tokens to personalize messages.
  • Special dropbox email forwards messages related to candidates from your email into Resumator.

5. Hiring Performers Only

When you know what you’re looking for, you know when you’re done looking. Resumator helps you make evidence-based, informed hiring decisions.

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Accurately assess potential hires by using clear evaluation criteria.

Evaluations make comparing candidates easy and casts a spotlight on Performers.

Don’t let anyone fool you — every hire you make is a gut decision. Machines don't hire people. Algorithms don’t hire people. People hire people, and choosing whom to hire is more of a gut decision than we’d like to admit. But the real question is this: Just how informed is your gut? 

Resumator helps recruiting teams define and evaluate candidates against an ideal candidate profile. Evaluation templates ensure you’re using the same criteria to either compare candidates or assess a candidate’s fit for your job.

Evaluation templates organize all your assessment criteria and weigh them by importance. You can then customize the unit of measure by which people are providing feedback on each assessment. Resumator automatically calculates a score that makes comparing candidates easy.


Request and receive background checks right inside Resumator.

Running background checks outside of your recruiting platform is inefficient and gives you an incomplete view of the candidate. That’s why Resumator has partnered with GoodHire, a complete FCRA-compliant employment screening service, to bring customers the ability to run background checks right within Resumator.


Prepare personalized offer letters and other documents in minutes.

Save time, and get offers in the hands of Performers faster. Offer Management expedites the offer process, allowing you to create reusable offer letter templates, using over 30 of the most common offer letter fields. Offer Management helps you generate customized offer letters quickly, see all candidates with offers for a job and indicate when an offer has been accepted.


6. Reporting to Optimize Your Hiring

There’s no downside to getting better at recruiting through analyzing data. Resumator unlocks your data so you can use it to spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden within your recruiting process.


Generate critical recruiting reports in seconds.

There is a list of common recruiting reports that anyone serious about recruiting needs, and these reports exist in Resumator. Every report can be printed or downloaded to a spreadsheet for offline analysis.

  • Sourcing Reports help identify where your best candidates are found so you can focus your sourcing efforts there.
  • Candidate Reports track dispositions, count totals or to export full profiles.
  • Pipeline Reports identify the stages in your process that create bottlenecks.
  • Job Reports report new hires, calculate close rates or simply list all jobs.
  • Compliance Reports fulfill any reporting requirements and to fight lawsuits.
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Build custom reports with a simple drag and drop

Flex Reports gives you unprecedented access to your recruiting data.

Deep Data Dimensions

Simply drag candidate fields, job fields and other data fields into your report. Flex Reports are smart enough to understand what you’re trying to build, so your options change as you change the data to model.

Fast, Intuitive Interface

Flex Reports quickly update in real time as you make changes to your report. Even with large data sets, everything loads quickly. It's easy to get to the right report when you're not waiting to see the results.

Sort, Filter and Export

Once you have the right columns in place, you can filter columns to focus reports on a single job, a single location, and more. When you’re done filtering your data, exporting it to a spreadsheet is fast and easy.

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And if you were wondering, Resumator also includes the following:

Batch Actions

Perform a variety of actions on many candidates at once, including delete.

Bulk Emails

Send a message to a large filtered list of candidates that's still personalized.

Contacts Manager

Collaborate and communicate with people who do not have access to your account.

Permissions & Privacy

Keep sensitive data private by restricting access to people, teams and groups.

Robust Two-Way API

Easily push or pull data from Resumator using our well-documented REST API.

Password Expiration

Set a time frame after which users are required to change their password.

Message Templates

Save and reuse special email messages that you send to candidates repeatedly.


Publish your careers website in English, Spanish or Dutch languages.

Duplicate Detection/Merge

Easily find and merge duplicate candidates in a few easy steps.

Notification Emails

Get alerts when new resumes are submitted, interviews are completed and more.

Privilege Overrides

Change the default privilege settings of the different types of user accounts.

Job Approvals

Submit jobs for review and approval before they can be made public.

Single Sign-On

Authenticate into Resumator using Gmail or Salesforce (LinkedIn coming soon).

Resume Parser

Upload a resume and Resumator parses it into a new candidate profile.


Protected class data collected through the job application remains confidential.


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